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Dear Survey solution team

I have a question which ask how many months was the establishment operational and based on the number I want to put a check on the multi choice question which ask which months was it operational the check should be that the enumerator cannot select more than 3 months if the answer to the number of months is 3.

Thank you

Dear Tshering,

one of the two questions is redundant, because if you know in which months the establishment was operational, you can calculate the number of months from that information, e.g. if April, May, and June were selected, the result is 3.

Still, if you want to do what you describe you can use the expression:


where months is a multiselect and nMonths is a numeric question.

The disadvantage is that the error will light up immediately after the first month is checked when the establishment was operational in multiple months.

Perhaps you can invert the order of the questions, such as:
Q1 [multiselect]: In which months during the last tax year the establishment was operational?
A1: April, May, June
V1 [long integer]: Q1.Length
Q2 [singleselect]: So it appears the establishment was operational for %V1% months in the last tax year. Is this correct Y/N?
A2: Yes

In this pattern you:

  • avoid showing a false error message;
  • calculate the months yourself for the respondent;
  • still get the check/confirmation of the information you’ve obtained.

Best, Sergiy

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Thank you. It worked