Changing the language of the "Start New Interview" button when customizing displayed text for respondents using CAWI

Dear Support Team,

I’m conducting the CAWI interviewing. My plan is to send the bulk link to the mobile phone number of respondents.

In the welcome page, except for the title and descriptions that we can edit, the “Start New Interview” button is set to be a default. I can not change the language in this button, but I can replace language in the tab of complete.
That is different from the configuration when customizing email text.

Or Don’t I know the way on how to change the language of “Start New Interview” button? Is it right? If yes, can we improve this feature for CAWI?

Please comments on my direction!
Many thanks!


Dear all,

Please direct me on how to change the language in the “Start new interview” buttion when conduting the CAWI survey.
Thank you very much for your support!


Unfortunately for now you cannot change text on that button. We will address this issue in future releases.
You can check how to change texts on support portal article

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