Changing listening port for Survey Solutions Export Service


Is there a possibility to change the port on which the export service is listening from 5000 to another port number ? I’ve tried modifying the Port line in ExportService\appsettings.production and restart the service but the logs indicate it is still listening on port 5000.
“Now listening on: http://localhost:5000

I’m trying to install two instances of survey solutions on the same server, which would require running two export service on different ports.


I found out this can be done by adding the --urls parameter to the service binpath

sc config SurveySolutionsExport binPath="“C:\SurveySolutions\ExportService\WB.Services.Export.Host.exe” “–urls=http://localhost:5800"”

By creating another service, it is possible to launch another instance of the export service on another port

sc create SurveySolutionsExport_2 binPath="“C:\inetpub\SurveySolutions_2\ExportService\WB.Services.Export.Host.exe” “–urls=http://localhost:5900"” DisplayName= “Survey Solutions Export Service 2” start= auto


Good that you already found the command line parameter, but you do not need to run two export services, one will be enough - it is designed as a separate service exactly for the purpose to serve multiple headquarter apps. Of course if you rin many headquarters where users are active at the same time and start export jobs having multiple export workers will help to process more jobs in parallel, but that will use more resources in turn. For such larger scale, moving export(s) to separate servers will help.