Change user roles label


it is possible to change user roles label on the local server installation of the HQ dashboard?

We need to replace:
“headquarter” in “supervisor”,
“supervisor” in “controller” and
“interviewer” in “enumerator”.

If it is possible can you show me the correct way?

Thank you in advance


No. As far as i know this is not possible.

What do you think to try to do this directly on the database?

What’s the use case?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to write your user manuals/trainings to make it clear what the equivalent terms are in the HQ/Supervisor dashboards?
And you could have the usernames reflect your terminology where the supervisors log in as ‘Controller Xxx’ and interviewers log in as ‘Enumerator Xxx’

Yes, sure, but this is my client’s request. I tried to explain it but he didn’t accept.

Thank you very much