Change UI for interview assignment dialog

This is the current dialog that appears when an interview is (several interviews are) selected for assignment:


Consider the following changes:

  • Make instructions more prominent. Put at the top of the window in bold and bigger font: “Please choose a user”. This communicates what needs to be done.
  • Show a different dialog if the interview cannot be assigned. In this case, the dialog needs to say “Interviews must be in the following statuses to be reassigned: {Status list}. Please choose another interview”. There is no need to put “Note! Only interviews that are not in status … and … could be reassigned” if the interview indeed can be assigned. This text is only relevant when the selected interview, based on its workflow or archive status, cannot be assigned.
  • Make number of interviews selected less visually prominent. While this information is important (e.g., the user selected more interviews than they meant to), it is not as important as what the user needs to do.

The dialog for assignment assignment is closer to what is needed:


Agree, good idea. Will implement