Change the translation in the Designer directly

Hi @sergiy thanks I found the way to install the tester in Huawei. I have an additional question, the original version of the survey that I have is in English, I translated it to Spanish. I would like to keep the spanish version as original, that is possible?. is there any way to do changes in the spanish version from the designer, if the spanish version is no the original one??. Thanks

Original” is the version you see in the Designer. Everything else is supplied as additional translations.

What is the story? Why do you need to make this switch of languages?

Hi @sergiy thanks. Initially the survey was programming in English, although the survey will be applied in spanish and portuguese. After field work I have to do many changes, and I have to do the changes in English first, then I have to translate them to Spanish and Portuguese (which is strange because I got feedback in spanish) then I have to do double work.
I have some questions more, I have tried to download supervisor app, I can´t find it in the store or any link to download it.
I have a roster to know the profitability of the businesses that a family has, thus we have a function to compute the gross income value from specific business selected from the roster, thus we will have this value for each business, now we want to compute a total gross income based on the business that a family has, do you have any clue how we should do this?.. thanks!!!

How did you find about the Supervisor App? Is there any description of it anywhere?

Hi thanks, Supervisor App

Hi, thanks!

Does that article contain the ‘Installation’ section by any chance?

Thanks @sergiy I got it.