Change Supervisor

Can I change an interviewer’s supervisor?

How can I totally delete (not just archive) one interviewer?


  1. No, you can’t
  2. No, you can’t

@sergiy does this still hold true? Can we change the supervisor for an Interviewer? I remember that there was an option to move an Interviewer to another team (I could be wrong). Can’t seem to find it.

No this is no longer true.

The question was posted in 2017 and at that time there was indeed no possibility to transfer an interviewer to a different team. This feature has been first introduced in 2018, see nr. 2 in: Version 5.26 .

Can you help me locate the page to do this?

An HQ or an administrator can change subordination of interviewers in a particular workspace by selecting the interviewer account in the Users list and clicking MOVE TO ANOTHER TEAM button:

When I enter as a HQ user on the servers I currently have access to, this button does not appear (only “Add to Workspaces” and “Remove from Workspaces”).
Two of these servers are running the current version.
I only get the button on the demo server.
Is there any configuration necessary by the administrator?

Hi @klaus,

If you want to see the “Move to Another Team” option, you first have to select a workspace, using the filters on the left. After you choose a workspace and select/click on an interviewer, you should see the yellow “MOVE” button appear. Otherwise, what you say is true, you will only see the green ADD/REMOVE buttons.


Gian’s clarification is correct. Notice I have also written “in a particular workspace”.

I agree, absence of this button sometimes is confusing. I have entered this as a possible enhancement in the issues tracker.

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Thank you, @giansib, I think this could be documented more clearly.
At least now we have your explanation in the forum for future reference.
@sergiy, most confusing to me is the case of servers with only the default workspace. Maybe in this case it could be preselected when you access the users page.

@sergiy the enhancement will help. The method doesn’t seem very intuitive in its current form.

@giansib Thank you for the clarification.