Change Supervisor UI so that it is easier to find assignments assigned to the supervisor

Use case: Suppose that assignments are first assigned to supervisors, and then reassigned by supervisors to to interviewers. To do this, supervisors need to find the their assignments. But the responsible filter, the natural UI component for this action on the Assignment screen, does not allow them to do so. Instead, the responsible filter contains only interviewers, even if there are assignments available for the supervisor

Desired changes: At a minimum, add the the supervisor to the responsible filter. Better yet, consider changing the Assignment screen UI to match the Interviewer dashboard. Mirroring the concept of Interviewer, have one tab per possible status of an assignment, with one of those statuses being assigned to the supervisor.

Current workaround: Supervisors can enter their user name in the search field in order to see all assignments where their user name appears (i.e., all assignments with their user name in the RESPONSIBLE column).

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I second this feature. The Supervisor should at least be able to search for themselves in the Responsible filter. Or have an “Assigned to me” link/check box so they can easily see the assignments they still have to distribute. The current workaround is ok but it is not obvious to users without a bit of training.

Supervisor should be able to find assignments and interviews assigned to him by entering his name in the filters panel. I suppose we could fix this in future releases.