Change server link in interviewer app

Hi! As we had problems with our headquarters server, we changed the server and now have a new URL. For the interviewer app to be able to connect to the new server, I know I need to change the server URL in the settings to the new server URL. However, when I do this, it still doesn’t work and the there is an error message saying that the Supervisor website address is invalid. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Thank you.

How did you change the server link? As far as I know, the only way to do this is by uninstalling and reinstalling the app (Or clearing the app cache and data). Scanning the QR code on the interviewer page is the best way to ensure that the link and username are correct.

Thank you for your response. Ok, I did not know I need to uninstall and reinstall the interviewer app. There is an option to change the URL under “settings”, so I thought this would be sufficient. If I uninstall and reinstall, were do I store the remaining not-yet submitted interviews?

Uninstalling the app will lead to loss any data not yet sent to the server. Have you only changed the URL of the server or is this a new server? I am not sure if you can relink to a new server and continue to send data collected from assignments from old server.

Someone from the development team may be able to answer.

Thank you. Well that would indeed be a big problem. Can you tell me how I can reach the development team?

I am sure one of them will reply here. You could also email them at

Thank you, I will wait for their response here or for the response to an email I sent to the support team.

@ashwinikalantri has asked the right question:

If your server has moved and is now available at a new address then you can change the address of the server to a new address in the interviewer app settings.

If you set up a second server, then you can’t send the data there. Instead, and as @ashwinikalantri has written, you would need to uninstall the interviewer app fully (with loss of all unsynchronized data) and then tie it up to the new server.

The relevant warning is here:

This reflects the address of the synchronization point entered during the first login. This should only be changed if the actual URL of the same synchronization point has changed, otherwise the interviewer will lose the possibility to synchronize.

@AndreaKoenig , it would be good if you could summarize your experience to the other users. What practical situation has caused the server address to change or to create a new server? How this was the transition planned and rehearsed? What advice can you give to other users to avoid getting into the troubles during this process?

Thank you Sergiy, we do not have a new server indeed, but only changed the address after we restarted it. However, if I change the URL as you said, the error message still occurs. So actually this should work if we only changed the address, right?

I am happy to sum up the case at the end for other users.

what we did exactly is, we changed the configuration of our server and with this the IP-address changed.

Right. And if it doesn’t, then something else has changed with or without you realizing it.

Perhaps create a new interviewer account already on the new server and check if it can be synced.

@AndreaKoenig , have you managed to make it work?

Yes, Sergiy, thank you. We fixed it but rather randomly after changing non-public server address to new address (and then nothing worked anymore) and then changing it back to old address and then suddenly it worked with the new URL in the tablets, even though non-public server is still on the old address now. No idea why this is. So the problem was somewhere with “refreshing” the non-public server.