Change interface language in self-administered online survey

Dear Survey Solutions team,

I am designing an online self-administered survey which will be translated from English to Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French and Russian.

I have two questions:

  • first, is it possible to translate the interface items that the respondents will see, such as “complete interview”, “add comment” or the items on the “complete screen” and to let these change with the selection of the preferred language?
  • second, is it possible to change the word “Original” to “English” in the language select dropdown list? This would make it easier for the respondent to see where to click to change the language, considering it is a self-administered questionnaire without trained interviewers.

Many thanks in advance,


Hello Sebastiaan,

on #1 this should appear in the local languages provided that the browser is set for that language.
on #2 create another translation and call it English, then copy the original texts to the translation column verbatim.

Best, Sergiy

Ah, that’s great. Thank you Sergiy!