Change an identification variable in survey started


Is it possible to change an identification variable of a survey started?


change the answer of an identifying question in an interview?
change the question in the questionnaire template?

Hi sergiy,

i want to change the answer of an identifying question in an interview started.

That is not possible. Or at least I don’t see it possible.

If you’ve sent your interviewer to interview a specific John Smith, and he found him and started interviewing him, you can’t later change the name to Peter Jackson and pretend that the interview was collected from Peter.

Thanks Sergiy

Yes, I understand your point, and the reason why the identification variables are blocked. In our case, it happens that the pollsters make record errors and we would like to correct it immediately. We will correct it then once we generate the data export.

Thank you!

If the value of the identifying question was entered by the interviewer, then she should be able [as far as I can recall] to correct her own error immediately on the tablet. Such as changing “Jhon Smith” to “John Smith”.

[It was definitely blocked completely in the earlier versions of Survey Solutions, but in the last 12-18 months I believe this is the case].

Please try and see if this fits your scenario. Interviewer may also discard an interview [before it was synced at least once with the server] and start a fresh one.

I wouldn’t change the identifying information of the interviews that were passed to the other persons in the system even if the software permits this, as it will confuse more than help.