CAWI - Link has expired

Hello everybody,

I’m testing my questionnaire in the demo-server, but as soon as I create an assignment and download the link, the link returns the error page: “The link has expired”. Following another thread on the forum (The link has expired), I tried to open in different browsers and computers and VPNs, but to no avail. I tried to create different assignments right after, but it keeps returning the same error. The interesting part is, I used this questionnaire successfully in another demo-server that expired. Am I doing anything wrong, or lacking to check anything?


perhaps you are now doing something differently from how you used to do it before.

It also follows from your message that you are getting the same message repetitively. Try to do the same actions at the public demo server and see if it replicates there. If so, post the assignment number here.

Hi Sergiy,

thanks for the response. I tried in the public demo server and I still got the same error. I was pretty sure I did exactly the same thing as before, that’s why I don’t get it. In the public server, the assignment ID is 525.

Assignment 525 has been archived:

hmm… it isn’t that one.

Understood. Thank you for the screenshot.
It’s a different workspace.

If you scroll right, you would see the text CAWI for this assignment is red. And when you hover your mouse over it, it will tell you the reason.

I didn’t see that! Thanks a lot.

I just found out where the CAWI activation is in the Web interview setup (Allow Interviewer to switch to CAWI mode) and I actually realized that I also forgot to start the web interview. Thanks again for the support.

Sure. For those playing along at home, the hint that appears says:

Assignment cannot be finished. It has web mode enabled, while questionnaire has web collection mode disabled.