CAWI: Interviewer Dashboard not displaying assignments

Hi all,

After enabling CAWI for a questionnaire and successfully assigning interviews to specific enumerators.

When I login to the server, using the interviewer account, the dashboard does not display the assigned cases, further more, the create new button does not seem to create a new assignment.

Has anyone experienced this? What might be the issue?

Thanks in advance for any guidance

PS: If I generate weblinks and via the questionnaire assignments, these links work as expected, and one can complete the questionnaires successfully.

Interview mode is distinguishing the person who is completing interview.
CAWI mode is dedicated for Web interviews to be completed by respondents.
CAPI mode - for Interviewers. Interviewers may use their browsers to complete interviews as well.
Server managers defining the flow by selecting the mode. Mode could be changes in some scenarios if there was no response from respondent, for instance, and there is necessity to go in person. Once the mode is changed from CAWI to CAPI it is no longer available by the link for respondent. This action is taken by survey managers according to their protocols.