CAWI Error : Link expired

Dear All

I am getting an error on saying the link has expired when I use my CAWI interviews. Why does it say so and also when I tried to email it I am not able to open my Questionnaire.

Thank you

This is the other error that I am receiving. Can you please help.

As the message says the error is unknown. This means the program couldn’t determine why the problem has occurred and is not informative at all about the nature of the problem.

Statistically, however, the most common situation when this happens is described here:

As for the first issue, the simplest possible situation is when the web-mode was stopped for your survey.

Dear Sergiy

The issue is resolved when I assigned it to the interviewer but I thought you do not need an interviewer for CAWI. I have one question though the survey is a mix of CAPI and CAWI so if I make an assignment of an web interview to an interviewer will he also receive the assignment. Will it not create duplicate. I am not able to understand why it needs to be assigned to an interviewer if he does not have any role in CAWI or does he have.

Thank you

Tschering, create an interviewer account, call it something intuitive, say “web”. Don’t give the password to anyone. Hence, no actual interviewer will receive that assignment.