Cascading selection

User Peter Alan Wright has sent us the following question:

…That starts with a hypothetical question, then dependent on the respondent’s answer
a new question will be selected. example: 1st question generates 3 possibilities, these 3 questions generate 9 possibilities, these 9 questions generate 27 possibilities cascading at each iteration ,up till a point, when each question choice is evaluated, to provide a relative score of individuals own assessment of the health of a system. Does your software have this capability ?

This description seems to be mixing up a ‘question’ with ‘answer’ and ‘possibility’ and can probably be refined. Still, Survey Solutions does have a capability for cascading selections, which is typically used for selections in hierarchies, such as occupations or industries. See for example, ISCO classification.

In general, it depends of course on the types of questions. Where they are not of the ‘select’-type, cascading selection will not be suitable, and one would need to place the questions of the appropriate types in the proper sequence as well as enabling only some of the questions depending on the earlier given answers (enabling conditions).