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I have a question regarding cascading questions :slight_smile: now I have the situation that we have the same cascading question three time in the survey since we have as you know different options for different countries and we can’t use regular multiple select question (about 60 options). My question is how to prevent the respondent from answering the same option in the second and third question. Any leads? that would be much appreciated.

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What is the question that you want to ask to your respondent?
I assume that it is something like “Where were you born?” and that is best positioned as a combobox-type question.

If there is a need for a cascade, then what is the first level of the cascade?

Hello Sergiy, i have the first level of cascade being the country and the 3 cascading question being the value chains offered in the country. we ask the question of value chains 3 times since some respondents have more than one value chain. Just to prevent mistakes, i was asking if we have an option to filter the answers from the first question and not to show it in the following 2nd and 3rd question.

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Hello Christina,

thank you for adding the details.

First, avoid “If necessary, …” instead ask “How many value chains? (#,1…3)” then enable focusvc_* accordingly.

Second, I see it as follows: the filter for focusvc_1 is empty, for focusvc_2:


and correspondingly for focusvc_3:

!focusvc_1.ContainsAny(@optioncode) && !focusvc_2.ContainsAny(@optioncode)

Still , if the number of value chains is small (say, under 10 in each country, or they overlap) you could do better by presenting a multiselect question with a limit of 3 choices (although, 3 is often a rudiment of paper data collection. Why put an artificial limit?).

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Hallo Sergiy, Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have a 62 choices(value chains) and 16 countries so I can’t do multiselect :frowning: and I am still getting an error :frowning:

  1. Your screenshot doesn’t show the exact error message.
  2. Your screenshot shows that you’ve written the expression I’ve recommended as a validation condition and not as a filtering expression (which is what I recommended).

now i understood what you meant. I have to use for the display mode cascading combo box which does not have this filtering expression. The problem that I have many options that are not relevant for all countries and some of them are repeated for two or or three countries not more. I guess with there is not a way around if i want to keep the display mode. right

Thank you so much for your time

Correct. But cascading combobox is nothing else then a simple combobox with a built-in filter.

So I’d append the above-formulated filters with something like
((country==1 && @optioncode.InList(1,2,3,4)) || ... || (country==6 && @optioncode.InList(59,60,61,62)))

Then cascading is not required, but the result will function exactly like cascading.

Of course the expression can be made much more elegant with a lookup table for country-chain combinations.

This is a pretty cool solution. Thank you :slight_smile: