Cascading Questions Error message

Hi, I was watching the Cascading questions tutorial. I tried doing the things mentioned in the tutorial. I uploaded a tab-delimited file of unique province codes and names for the single-select parent question of choosing a providence after selecting the option of the combo box. And, later for the question of choosing a district, I uploaded another tab-delimited file of unique district codes, district names and province codes to which these districts belong by selecting the option of cascading combo box. But I am getting errors (The picture is attached). It will be a lot of help if this issue is clarified.

Thank you.

I hope this thread might help. Attachment in Cascading Combo Box


Thank you for the help. But the issue is not resolved for me. It is not changing or I don’t know how to change it to reusable categories.

Thank again :slight_smile:

For using the Reusable categories as a source of categories, you first need to add the categories from the left pane tool bar toolbar_icon_categories, which will be displayed in the Bind to resuable categories. For adding categories, this might help.
If you don’t have any attachment to add in your options then you can find related feature example in the public questionnaires. Please look into Single-select section of this public questionnaire Public Questionnaires/Features demonstration/Question Types. I hope this helps.

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