Cascading au niveau de l'identification du questionnaire

J’ai un soucis avec les niveaux secondaires du cascading au niveau de l’identification. Si je fais l’affectation ceux-ci n’apparaissent pas.
Par exemple: si on a la région, le département et la commune; les deux derniers n’apparaissent après affectation.


Sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a problem.

Could you please:

  1. make a minimal questionnaire that allows to reproduce the problem,
  2. upload it to the public demo server, and
  3. upload the example pre-loading data to create at least one assignment?

Once you confirm the issue is reproducible there, please share the assignment ID and the preloading data that you’ve uploaded.

Thank you, Sergiy

I see this has been marked as solved, but no comment has been made on how it was actually solved. Could you please elaborate?