Cascade combo box problem - codes and labels shift

Hi all,

When we upload categories (.txt file) for cascade combo box the ID codes (first column) and the labels (second column) appear to shift.

Some context: we have 4 levels of nested cascade combo boxes:

  1. Food group (11: cereals) combo box
  2. Main ingredient (1117: rice) cascade combo box (parent value from 1. Food group)
  3. Preparation (111711: boiled) cascade combo box (parent value from 2. Main ingredient)
  4. Selected food (11171113: Rice, white, boiled) cascade combo box (parent value from 3. preparation)

When we upload the text file with the categories linking preparation to main_ingredient (nr 3), the codes 111710 and 111711 and the labels raw and boiled swap (cf. screenshot: on the right side the text file we upload into designer).

We checked other combinations that were also erroneous, the shifts appear to happen at random.

Is there any guidance how we can avoid these shifts?
Many thanks,



there should be no randomness involved in this process.

  1. What is the text file shown at the right? Is this the ORIGINAL that you’ve uploaded to the Designer? Or is this something that you later tell Survey Solutions to export the options to?

  2. When you say there is a switch between codes “at random” do you mean at different codes within the same file? or in the same file at different attempts to upload a file?

If the issue is happening constantly (reproducible), please send the input file to the support email.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

  1. The text file was the original text file generated in Stata and uploaded to the designer to receive the list at the left in Survey Solutions.

  2. Within the same file within one attempt to upload. I was checking different combinations.

We are unable to reproduce the feature, it works fine now. I yet need to track the reason for the earlier observations. So far, a reason might be that there were two persons on the same questionnaire on the designer. The obvious reason would have been that the text files got it wrong, but we double checked this 2-3 times before posting on the forum…

Many thanks for your help (as always!)

I also couldn’t reproduce the problem.

Two persons may work on the same questionnaire at the same time, this is normal. But not on the same question, as then there will always be some confusion in whose changes prevail.

If you notice this issue appearing again, please record the actions that led to it and share.

Best, Sergiy