Capacity of Supervisor App

Hello SS developers,

What is the official capacity of supervisor app to hold number of assignments until it crashes?

From the field experience, the app starts to slow down after 500 assignments and crashes at 1000 assignment. Beyond 1000 assignments, the supervisor app keeps crashing and does not open.

So, is there a way to improve this?


Let’s suppose a supervisor has a team of 5 interviewers. This is a very typical scenario. Let’s suppose each interviewer conducts 20 interviews per day (a very high upper bound for the survey). Then the load will be 100 interviews per day. 1000 assignments is 10 days of work with with load. Real life surveys have much smaller loads.
You need more assignments if you do surveys in the situation where a supervisor cannot synchronize with a server at least once during 10 days. Is this your case? If so, please provide more details about the country/region you are working in, and what are your survey loads.

So,Can you tell me where I can download the supervisor app?Thank you.

We are working in Pakistan. We assign weekly tasks. However, it must be kept in mind that we assign interviews to supervisors as each interview has unique pre-filled household roster.

Sometimes, because of plenty of replacements, the interviews tend to increase beyond 1000 and then the app crashes.

Hello @edison.

  1. log into the server using supervisor credentials
  2. Click on three bars on top right
  3. You will find the option to download supervisor app
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Thank you, I have downloaded this program in the demo server,next,Our own server didn’t have the option download this.Now, our problem is The address of the server.We use our own servers, and our servers ip are added to the white list,I filled out our server address it can not connect.So is this the same server address as the interviewer’s server?So can you help me?Thank you.

To clarify for other readers:

  • User umeernaeem is asking about the limits of the Supervisor App;
  • User edison is asking an unrelated question where to get and how to use the Supervisor App.
  • ALL Survey Solutions data servers (whether self-hosted or cloud-based) have the same functionality for a given version. All servers carry the supervisor App, provided that the version of the server is after that App was released. See release notes.

Thank you @sergiy. Would you share your thoughts on the limits of supervisor app? I have been consistently facing this issue that supervisor app of my fieldworkers break down as soon as the number of assignments go beyond 1000.

My thought is that 1000 assignments for a single supervisor is something unreasonable on par with having a 1000 books on your desk.

That said,

  1. you didn’t describe your survey and the motivation for such a design. There might be a better solution, but I don’t want to take guesses;

  2. you didn’t describe your device, which may or may not be adequate for the task and without such specification you cast doubt on all the devices;

  3. you didn’t characterize what your assignment is. A “unique pre-filled household roster” may be a few names, or it could be 1000 attributes of those members.

My sense of it is that you are trying to turn a tablet into a server, which it is just not capable of doing.
If you already observe that the supervisor app is not handling >500 assignments, then my thoughts are not going to change that. You can change your procedures: hire more supervisors and have smaller teams, synchronize more often, bunch the assignments, etc.

In Survey Solutions we have introduced a lot of safeguards against inefficient questionnaires, which are popping up as errors in the Designer. Most of them prevent exactly this kind of situation where the tablets become non-responsive due to overcrowded questionnaires. Your case reminds me that we should introduce more limits on the workflow as well.

I am not sure what you mean by turning tablet into a server.
That being said, it is easier said than done to just hire more supervisors and teams because of budget and other regional issues.
We are overcoming such issues by truncating the size of assignments.

But it is good that now we understand the limits from experience.