Capability to add and manage more roles that those presented in the platform

There is a need to add new roles for handling and supervising the application of questionnaires, Interviewer and supervisor aren’t enough, usually it’s necesary to have a few more, something like a supervisor for the supervisor.

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That’s a headquarters-user.

yeah, i mean, more roles between headquarters and supervisor

Jairo, I agree. I have mentioned this many times to Misha, Sergiy and Zurab. A Headquarter is not the same as a supervisor of supervisors. The problem is that the HQ user can see all supervisors making for the potential for their tasks to overlap. A supervisor of supervisors will only see supervisors under their supervision. This is very important in large scale surveys and is especially important in Censuses.


I was also looking forward to having a senior supervisor role.

yes, that’s what I mean, a senior supervisor (at least), it’s neccesary in large surveys and censuses

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this looks really good, any news from dev team?