Can't see Indentifier question

Greetings Survey Solutions Team,

I have a questionarie with 5 sections, some questions have scope “Identifier” in the first section and another one in the third section, the thrid section availability depends on a question of the second section to be answered. When I make an assignment, only the ones in the first sections are visible to be answered, the one on the third section wont appear anywhere. In addition, on the third section, questions number 4 has a enabling conditions that depends of question number 3 (the problematic one). So due to the fact that the indentifier question can’t be answered, question number 4 will never be showed.

Hope you can help me. Regards.

The identifying questions are subject to many constraints:
they can’t be

Identifying questions are to let the interviewer know where he should proceed to conduct the interview, and for his supervisors to distinguish between the multiple interviews on their dashboards.

They are expected to be populated as much as possible in the office when an assignment is created, and if not then as soon as the interview starts (cover page).

Survey Solutions automatically collects the identifying questions spread in the questionnaire, but it is not a good practice to pepper them around.

The Designer is catching a lot of these problems (see error codes above), but apparently this one is overlooked leading to undesired consequences you describe. We will add a check for this condition in a later versions making this a compilation error.

Recommendation: pull out all of your identifying questions and place them into the first section of your questionnaire.

Thank you very much @sergiy