Can't see "Identifying" at Question Scope in the Designer

Since last week, Thirsday, 20 august, when i create a new questionnary and add a question, i can’t see the option “identifying” in the scope question (see image below).
Is it a problem ? or Have i to create the identifying question directly in COVER section ?


See here:

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Thank you sergiy, it’s clear.

Dear Sergiy,
I am facing like this problem.
I can’t open this link. Could you please repeat send the link again?

With regards

Good day, I have the same issue, and after reading the article here (, I still could not figure what the problem is…The identifying option does not appear in the Question scope. Please help Mr @sergiy

Dear @tercioshq
The IDENTIFICATION option is no longer available in questions scope.
You have to put the identifying questions int the COVER section.

In the new versions of SuSo all Identifying questions have to go into the Cover section.
So everything in the Cover section gets a scope of Identifying.
There is no Identifying scope possible any longer for questions not in the Cover section.

Thanks a lot Mr Klaus. Well noted.

My pleasure :slight_smile:
Are you by any chance Tercio from INE Angola?

Hi Mr. Klaus. Yes, I am the one from INE Angola, nice to hear from you again.