Can't login to the Interviewer App

Dr. Abdul Majid has sent us the following question:

I have design the template in Survey Solution Designer regarding the capstone assignment. I have also imported the questionnaire in Survey Solution Headquarter and assign the New Assignment to the interviewer. Now when I am trying to login in Interviewer app, I am getting an error that says “Your Login or Password is Incorrect” every time I try to sign in, and I am sure of the interviewer username and the password.

Only users in the role ‘interviewer’ may log in to the Interviewer App.

Make sure you have created an interviewer account (even if it is for your own use) to sign in to the tablet Interviewer App.

Before assigning the New Assignment, I created Supervisor and Interviewer account in Survey Solution Headquarter. And the same Interviewer Login and Password which I set in Headquarter is using in Interviewer app.

Issue has been resolved.

for the benefit of the users’ community, could you, please, summarize how the issue was solved? And if it was not the problem of the incorrect account used to login to the Interviewer App, then what was it?

Thank you, Sergiy

Actualy, I was giving sychoronizing end point wrongly as while I would have to write

Understood. That explains it.

All of the three parameters (synchronization point, account name and password) must match to an existing interviewer account, otherwise the interviewer will not be able to login.

Also you can use qrcode to setup interviewer tablet

Yes Andrew, you r right. This option can also be used.