Can't export data. Help needed

Dear All,

We have received a message from a user who can’t export the data due to an unexpected error.

Inspecting the logs, pursuant to troubleshooting guide, it is apparent that a certain interview is missing its beginning. The following record can be seen in the log:

System.Exception: Encountered interview id INTERVIEWGUID without corresponding InterviewCreated or InterviewOnClientCreated events

where INTERVIEWGUID is a particular interview’s ID number (GUID).

Detailed inspection resulted in detection of multiple such interviews, and new interviews with this problem continue to appear even with the most recent version of the software. (21.06.2)

This is a critical error, but the user mentions no other factors which could have resulted in such a problem (no crashes of the server, power loss, etc).

No other users have reported this error so far. We need another observation of the problem to try to determine what’s causing it. Please try exporting your data. If any export of the data fails, please, inspect the corresponding export-service.log file, and if it contains a line like the one shown above, please, get in touch.

Thank you, Sergiy

we have this kind of error on our local install:

{“Level”: “Error”, “Exception”: "System.Exception: Encountered
interview id xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
without corresponding InterviewCreated or InterviewOnClientCreated

The message basically indicates that Survey Solutions may not find the beginning of at least one interview (in the DB). This blocks the whole export process. This could be a result of the manual edit of the DB.