Can't delete questionnaire from survey setup

Hi all!
I can not delete the questionnaires from the “survey settings” tab. Although other questionnaires can be deleted, I can’t understand what the problem is.
it seems that the questionnaire is shaded as in the usual deletion but does not disappear from the server, it also remains with the interviewer app

In Survey setup list our survey is in disabled state, but nevertheless it has not been deleted for a month now from disabled state. But we can delete other questionnaires. They first get into a disabled state and literally disappear after 5 minutes. We cannot understand why this particular questionnaire is not deleted, but is in a disabled state

Neither can I. There is nothing in your description that would describe this and other surveys that could hint at why they are behaving differently.

1 month is more than enough to delete a questionnaire with all associated data. We’ve noticed earlier that for very large surveys (in that case one has more than about 10 million interviews) the process of deletion of questionnaire can take a considerable time (in that case approx. 2 weeks). There was a specific optimization done for that case and introduced in version 20.10 (see mentioning of this in the release notes: Version 20.10) After that version it should take minutes perhaps hours to delete a survey, even a very large one. What is the version that you are using?

Most likely what has happened is that the program started to delete the survey, then something went wrong and it is in the ‘deleting’ state, but nothing is being deleted at this time. And that will probably remain like that forever if you don’t change anything. Inspect the server logs for the day when you initiated the deletion and see whether there was any error reported and what was it.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

A survey I am supporting is also facing what sounds like a similar issue. Trying to delete several questionnaires (only used for training and piloting) but the deletion has not completed after a couple of weeks and the questionnaires remain - though grayed out (see screenshot below). All of these questionnaires have a few thousand interviews under them and other questionnaires with fewer interviews have deleted quickly (and subsequently to requesting the larger ones be deleted). The server is on version 22.02. Still trying to figure out the problem, but thought I would mention here in case others are facing the same.

In the absence of additional details, the recommendation remains the same: