Cannot synchronize with a server that is not operational

User Taboe Beaugard from Benin has sent the following question:

… I have designed my questionnaire with your application for field data collection. But the server I bought stop working. But the interviews are on the smartphone but can not be synchronized. Please, how can I get the data from these smartphones and if possible use another server?

If the server is no longer operational, the tablets indeed can’t send the data there. So start solving this by restoring the server.

  1. If the server you bought from the vendor is recoverable, contact them to restore. Then sync the tablets.
  2. If it has been destroyed, create a new server and restore your older server from the most recent backup. If the address of the server is different now, you will need to instruct the interviewers to change the synchronization point in their tablets.
  3. If you didn’t do backups, create a new server, new accounts, assignments etc. You will need to retype the data from one tablet to another as the tablets will not send the data to a different instance of the server, even if it has the same address (afaik).

In any case the server issue must be solved before the interviewers hoard too much data on their tablets.