Cannot open PDFs of questionnaire that downloads with data export

Dear all,

I’m having trouble opening the PDFs that come with the downloaded data from the server (location [name_questionnaire/Questionnaire/Pdf]). Acrobat reader gives the error that the file is unsupported or damaged, and trying to open in a webbrowser does not work either.

I downloaded the data with options “.zip” and “included meta information about questionnaire” selected, and tried downloading in tab, spss and stata formats. I unzipped the files before opening (files are around 670 KBs).

It is not directly a problem for me, as I found another way to do what I wanted to check (doubled checking changes in different versions of the questionnaire - I used the translation file that is also downloaded with the data), but still wanted to report it.



Is this reproducible on the demo server? If yes, what is the questionnaire ID and version on the demo server that exhibits this behavior?

Please try to rename file from *.pdf to *.html and open it in the browser.

Dear Vitallii,

Yes, renaming the extension to html works!

Would you still like me to try to reproduce this, Sergiy?



Hello @sebastiaanhesss , in the contemporary version the extension must match the content.

  1. Refer to: 🔥 Designer subsystem failure to compile questionnaire on HQ request - #26 by sergiy for the background.

  2. Please retest.

  • If you replicate the problem in the demo server → open the bug.
  • If you don’t, then you must be using an older version → please update your installation.

Thank you Sergiy,

I tested on the demoserver and saw the data download now contains only html questionnaire files, not PDFs (and I can open them). My server was indeed set up in the spring of 2021, so that must be it.



ok, thank you for confirming this is not a new issue.