Cannot import questionaires on a local docker installation (Windows10/WSL2)

The green import questionaires button does not shows up, so cannot import them.

It’s a docker installation under Windows 10 /WSL2.

Had this problem before and solved configuring wsl.conf and /etc/resolv.conf

(the problem with /etc/resolv.conf with linux cloud images (Ubuntu),
and modified the file to configure a global name server (Google’s

But started the service today and it doesn’t work.

Any ideas?


  • Pablo

Hello Pablo,

if the button itself doesn’t show up, it is likely this issue here, which is purely interface, not related to connectivity:

Best, Sergiy

Problem solved after updating the version of Suso with:
docker pull surveysolutions/surveysolutions

Not sure which was the previous build, the new one is 21.05.8 (build 31366).

Thanks Sergiy