Cannot connect to Designer

Hello Survey community,

Since last week, i cannot anymore connect to Designer.

Error Message on login page : Could not connect to Designer. Please check if Designer is available and try again

MySurvey version : 21.06.3 (build 31513)

( little idea that it was updated by himself, still no more red message about new version available )

Windows Server 2016

I tried this proxy config with no luck :

my domain:

Can be a specific configuration for this Survey version ?

Any ideas please?

We are stack with that in production environment in full campaign activity.

Many thanks for your suggestions,


The Diagnostic is ok everywhere :

Try to open on your server in browser.
If it’s not opening it means your network settings should be adjusted.

Hello Vitalii,

thank you for your reaction.

Yes, I can connect to direct link

From my host server still is not working. Was working last week.

Have you any idea of what exactly needs from network side ? Any ports, maybe ?

I need to mention that we have a proxy as well.

I appreciate your help,

Best Regards,

Could you please try to open on your host server?

Dear @Eugeniu_SPATARI ,
Could you please follow next steps:

  1. Open Survey Solutions\Site folder on the server file system (by default C:\Survey Solutions\Site).
  2. Find and open the appsettings and appsettings.production files.
  3. Scroll to DesignerAddress property.
  4. Make sure that the address in both files:
  1. If it is not, please change on the value above.
  2. Restart the SurveySolutions application.
  3. If that does not work, please make sure that can be accessed from the server where the application is installed.



All those configurations are good.

You leaded me to the correct way, when trying to access the Designer from the host I saw the SSL problem. Found and solved the issue, it was the certificate inspection by our internal firewall, because we are in the process of renewing licenses, the functionality was disabled.

Thanks a lot,

Even if it is hosting/network side problem, your advices are very precious.