Cannot approve supervisor assigned interview

I am running the version 22.12.2. HQ assigns an interview from one supervisor to the other, the supervisor completes their section but is unable to approve. They can only assign to an interviewer. Shouldn’t the supervisor be able to approve the interview to HQ?

I’ll illustrate with the below image. Supervisor 5 cannot approve the interview. Is there something that I am missing?

Dear @dtrotman ,

As I can see on attached screenshot the interview had Completed status and was Re-Opened later. According to Survey Solutions flow, after this manipulations, the interview has to behave in the same way as it would be in Interviewer Assigned state, but even assigned supervisor cannot Approve or Reject such interview until it would be Completed by some interviewer. Steps to resolve your case:

  1. Assign the interview to some Interviewer as hq or supervisor user.
  2. Complete the interview as assigned interviewer.
  3. Approve as supervisor or hq user.