Cannot add questionnaire to server

Hi, Whenever I try to add a questionnaire to my server, it gets stuck at 47% for a while, then gives the message

“Designer unavailable. Please make sure that Designer is not in the maintenance mode”

I can access just fine from the server. Is there anything else that I can check?

Can you try and compile your questionnaire on the designer? does it succeed (how long does it take) or gives errors?

It compiles just fine within a couple of seconds. I have 8 warnings, but those are expected due to the questionnaire design. No errors at all.

Try to import to a demo server and see whether this succeeds.

I get the same issue. It sticks at 47% for two minutes then gives the error

Dear @dtrotman,

We found an issue and fixed it. Please try to import questionnaire again.
Sorry for inconvenience.

I was able to import the questionnaire successfully. Thank you.

Hello everyone, I’m experiencing the exact same problem, it starts importing and then it says “Designer unavailable. Please make sure that Designer is not in the maintenance mode”.
There are no errors in the questionnaire, I’ve tested in the designer and it works just fine. The problem arises when I import it in survey solution.
Can you help me?
Thank you in advance!

Hello @SusannaFontana , to which server are you trying to import the questionnaire? Best, Sergiy

Thank you for the reply Sergiy, I use Amazon Web Service.

Hey there, I don’t know if you fixed anything but now it’s working!
Thank you in any case!