Can we fully randomize sequence of the questions? How should I do that?

I have a group of questions related to rating on people’s perceptions rating with 5 point scales. Let these questions be Q1, Q2, Q3, …, Q8. I’m putting them under one section or sub-section. What I would to do is to randomize the sequence of these 8 questions so that response bias related to question sequence will be cancelled during the interview.
I understand that we can do randomization like multiple copies of choice question. But such randomization is based on the predetermined sets. Can we do fully randomization so that we will have as many combinations of questions sequencing as possible. Then the sequence of questions for one respondent will be as much as different from another if we are handling many questions.

Dear Htun Htun Oo,

as a CAPI application Survey Solutions is trying to put some structure to the conversation and ask questions in the predefined sequence, which you control as the questionnaire designer. With your request you are trying to bring the chaos back into the interviewing process.

It is of course possible as Survey Solutions is a very flexible tool.

Since in your case all questions are of identical type and options, this should not be difficult with the text substitution. Recall that you can insert any text into the question text with %substitution%, which will be one of your random questions.

The negative side of this approach is that since the question text is formed with syntax, the resulting questionnaire will not obey the language selection.

If your questions were of different types, then the copying looks like the way to go, and for 8 questions you will need 8x8=64 questions of which only 8 will be shown, but this will allow absolutely any sequence of questions in random.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Additional information for one of the possible implementations is available here:
“Randomizing order of questions”:
Best, Sergiy Radyakin