Can we enable questions based on mode of the survey (CAWI vs. CAPI)?

Is there a system variable (or something) that would allow me to enable certain questions only if the responent is answering in a particular mode? For example, I am planning a survey with a single questionnaire; some assignments will be in CAWI and other assignments in CAPI, with the possibility of non-responding CAWI assignments being switched to CAPI at a point in time; I’d like to enable certain questions so they are only displayed when the interview is in CAWI mode (or CAPI mode). Is that possible?

This potentially will create a situation when an interview is valid (no errors) in one mode, and invalid (has 1 or more errors) in a different mode. What should the supervisor see?

In short - no, since the same interview could be filled out at different devices/modes at different times.

Yet, if you know that a particular interview should be done in a particular mode, you can create a hidden variable indicating that mode.

Thanks Sergiy, I see your point about possible conflicts. However there are certain situations where it would be extremely useful. I’m thinking mainly about questions related to status and contact attempts (i.e. refusal, no one home, ready to begin, etc.). These don’t make sense for CAWI but are essential for CATI/CAPI. Can you think of any other options for handling this? The use of a hidden variable is good if the assignment would not change mode, but we do expect any non-responding CAWI assignments to move to CATI/CAPI by a specific date.

Maybe its possible to switch modes with supervisor question? In such case this question will be visible only to supervisors and can change mode of the interview after it is completed

In that case I’d cancel or close the CAWI assignment and create a new one for the CATI/CAPI mode.