Can Survey Solutions register the time to answer questions with the precision of milliseconds?

Dear all,

We have been considering doing an Implicit Association Test in Survey Solutions, for which we would need to register the time it takes for our respondents to answer each question with the precision of milliseconds. From my previous inquiry, I know that in the Paradata of each survey we can know the precise time each question was answered and, hence, infer how much time it took to answer a question. Nonetheless, the precision of the time measurement is in seconds, not in milliseconds (which is required for this kind of test).

I wondered whether there is a way to increase the precision of time measurements of Survey Solutions or to ask the survey to record the time to answer each question.



Having milliseconds recorded will increase the precision, but not solve your problem as I see it. You are right that paradata will contain the time when each question was answered, but you are also right that the time to answer a question can only be ‘inferred’. And there is a lot involved into that inference.

I tried to summarize this with a chart. I hope it is self-explanatory:

Paradata will give you A and B only (times when the answer is ENTERED), leaving it a big problem of identifying the portions in-between.

Best, Sergiy

@namubiruma , do you agree with my explanation above?