Can supervisors review interviews after approval of headquaters?

I’ve seen that interviews are no longer accessible for supervisors after they have been approved by HQ. I know that supervisors can export interviews in PDF format but this is tie consuming and difficult to manage. Do I miss a menu point?


No you don’t miss anything. Survey Solutions implements (and enforces) team hierarchy where supervisor supervises and manages interviewers and headquarters manages supervisors. A task (assignment/interview) moves between these levels of responsibility - when something is ‘sent’ for supervision (i.e. interview is completed), interviewer no longer has access to it. The same way, when interview is approved by a supervisor, it moves to the headquarters level and no longer visible to the supervisor.

The only way to return the interview one level back is to reject it - if headquarters does rejection, then the interview will be again in the workload of the relevant supervisor (similarly, supervisor needs to reject it further so that the interviewer can receive and edit again).

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Can supervisors review interviews after approval of headquaters?

What would be a scenario behind this? If a superior has already said that he is satisfied, how would supervisor go against his decision?

This could also mean that a supervisor can block the work by delaying his/her approvals (anything terminally approved by the HQ is still under risk of being recalled by a supervisor). To avoid this it should be possible to approve without waiting for supervisor’s decision.

Earlier in Survey Solutions it was the case that the HQ has to wait for the supervisor’s decision before making own judgement, but this has been changed in version 5.15 (in 2016)

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Well the scenario is the following: We don’t have a sample group, we would like to collect data for all villages of Tajikistan. We do not know all villages in advance, hence the surveyors are identifying the villages, the supervisors might help and guide them and thus would like to be able to see all villages already assessed. So the question was not about being able to still modify or reject on supervisor level, the question was rather whether the list of interviews already filled can be accessed by supervisors.

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@ProEcon Thank you for providing the clarification. In this case it is best to create a map with information on all surveyed villages (by all teams!) and have that visible to all supervisors (or have it public if it is not confidential).

This saved me a lot. I didn’t know to get back the interview to the interviewer after it had been rejected by the Headquarter.