Can project which is set-up on PDS be transferred to dedicated server (on cloud)?


I see PDS is live only for 30 days and then is deleted.
My basic question is:
If I set up a project on PDS (for the questionnaire, set up interviewers /for CAWI/…), but not do any interviews and then decide to move the project to the cloud-based server, can I move it there easily (not only questionnaire but also other definitions)?
I would hate to do work on PDS discovering that I need to repeat it (do it) again on dedicated server.

Thank you for your answer.

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Hello, no. Personal demo server is meant for evaluation only.

But at the same time, it should not be too difficult to transfer the project from one server to another. Unless I’m missing something, you would simply need to collect headquarters accounts, supervisor accounts, and interviewer accounts. Questionnaires exist on Designer and could be imported into your new server.

To get user accounts, you can collect them either manually or via the API:

  • Headquarters. Copy-paste from Teams and roles>Headquarters
  • Supervisors. Either copy-paste from Teams and roles>Supervisors or via the API at GET ​/api​/v1​/supervisors.
    Gets list of supervisors
  • Interviewers. Either copy-paste from Teams and roles>Supervisors, from a report downloaded at Reports>Devices/interviewers, or via the API at GET ​/api​/v1​/supervisors​/{supervisorId}​/interviewers
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Buen dia
Saludos, estaba leyendo una respuesta el foro y veo su claridad en cuanto a muchos temas, por favor puede orientarme. Ya disene mi cuestionario, pero ahora tengo dudas en como instalar survey solutions en mi servidor local y no se como crear usuarios para Sede Survey y para definir los roles de entrevistador y supervisor. En fin muchas dudas, y como exportar la data de los cuestionarios ya aplicados por los acuetadoes. Mil gracias por su atencion

Consider posting each question as an individual forum thread.

In the meantime, here are a few resources that may prove useful:

  • Installing Survey Solutions on a server. For a local server, which you indicate is your case, here are the requirements, and here the installation steps. For a cloud server, here are steps for a few major providers: AWS, Azure, providers with Docker container services.
  • How to set up accounts. First, log into your server as admin. Then, (optionally) create a workspace (if you want to use a workspace other than the default one). Next, create users and assign them to workspaces (see here)

If possible, consider starting from the easier things and working towards the harder things. To get started, request a personal demo server. That avoids any problems with server setup. With that server in hand, try to set up user accounts. Once that is familiar, try to install Survey Solutions on your server.