Can not create more than 59 rosters on our questionnaire

Hi everyone,
We are collecting data in high-rise buildings. For each building, we have created rosters to record the flats within. Our challenge is some of these buildings have up to 200 flats. Our questionnaire is flagging an error on the maximum size of rosters whenever we enter that we have flats more than 59 per building.
Is there a way to achieve this, in such a structure?
We want to map all the 200 flats under one building using rosters.

No. Some buildings will be inevitably too large (>800 flats is common, though depends on the country).

Perhaps, create a nested structure by floor. Each floor will have a reasonable number of apartments. If you anticipate more than 60 floors, reconsider your strategy.

In some buildings the number of apartments per floor is standardized, so you can get away with two questions:

  • how many floors? and
  • how many flats per each floor?

Yet in other buildings the number of flats per floor will vary, so a generic solution should allow for specifying the exact number of apartments at each floor.

Is this for AHRI mapping in South Africa?

Many thanks, Sergiy!
I think your suggestion of creating a nested structure by floor would solve our problem.
This is from GRT-Inspired in South Africa, we are part of the same network as ARHI.

Great! Thanks for confirming!