Can an n-times questionnaire be launched for the same ID?

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There are 2 different questionnaires (A and B). It must be applied first A and then B. Is it possible to launch questionnaire A 3 times (A1, A2 and A3)? Where, for A1: questionnaire B is launched, 5 times; for questionnaire A2, questionnaire B is launched 3 times and for questionnaire A3 instrument B is launched twice. The number of times to be launched both the A questionnaire and the B, depends on what the interviewee declares.

There might be some story of why you want to ask the same question to the same respondent 5 times, but the rationale is not clear from your description, and I don’t think the real world respondents will appreciate this.

Thank you very much for the reply. True, interviewees don’t like answering the questionnaire, but … we have several surveys that work like this. A home is reached and we apply the “A” questionnaire to all members and depending on what each one answers, the “B” questionnaire must be applied n-times to each member. Therefore, the ID must be associated with the home. And the number of times that both “A” and “B” are released, depends on the number of members and what each one answers. Therefore, we need something like a component that repeats each questionnaire n-times.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to have a household questionnaire and an individual questionnaire, and some linkage between the two. For example, if you use the household questionnaire to interview a household with 5 members, you want 5 assignments to be generated for the individual questionnaire–that is, one for each enumerated member of the household. Is this right?

Just to make sure I’m understanding, why would a roster not be a solution in your case? See, for example, the list roster heading here.

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Exactly, that is the idea. But, it is complicated, given that for questionnaire A, 20-typeB questionnaires could be generated. Would it support the nesting of the components?

Since both the A and B questionnaires have different sections and lists and some matrices.

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@arthurshaw2002 is asking the right question, which you don’t answer, @Survey_test. Again, why is roster not a feasible solution?


Yes, thank you very much, the answers have been guiding us. The roster helps with the problem.

Investigating the forum, the nesting limit of the roster is 4 (Size Limit on the Rosters), but, due to the behavior of the slope, we may need to launch up to 75 type B questionnaires, for each household member. Its viable?. Would we have any problem with the behavior of the application or with the BD?

That survey applies to 100,000 households.

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I think you are confusing nesting for the number of items in a roster. If you need to ask questionnaire B for up to 75 times, then it is the number of items in your roster. For example, if you plan to ask questionnaire B to 75 different people in at a health centre, each person is an item in your roster. If you look at this page on Survey Solutions limits, the limit for number of items in a roster is 200 if it is a simple roster and 60 items if it is not a simple roster. A simple roster is defined as having fewer than 30 questions in it.

Nesting refers to asking a set of questions at different levels. For example, Parcel > Plot > Crop. The crop roster is nested inside of the plot roster. This example is 3 levels of nesting.

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