Can a Headquarter see only part of the assignments / interviews?

We are conducting a national survey in 24 provinces. We’d like to know if there is a way for Province Headquarters only see and manage their own province assignments and interviews? (and additionally have a HQat the national level).
We know that there is the option to create a workspace for each province, but we would like to avoid having to deal with 24 databases.
Thanks a lot for your help!

If two Headquarters accounts have access to the same workspace they have the same access permissions. Workspaces were introduced specifically to manage this permissions.
So the answer to your question is no. If you want to manage Headquarters access you have to use workspaces.

Perhaps that is a supervisor role then? They are already restricted to their own team only.

Is this for the AG Census of Ecuador?

Hello Vitalii and thank you for your answer.
Yes, we assumed that was the case, but we checked it just in case.

Hello Sergiy,
We already have supervisor roles, but we needed to add a HQ. Both for monitoring and approval of their own provincial cases.
This might be a good feature to introduce in the future!
This is for a survey in Argentina.
Thanks a lot!

Sure. Is there anybody in your team who is available for working on this?

Hi Sergiy,
I talked about this with the IT responsible in the team. How can we work on this?

Survey Solutions is an open source project. If you determine that there is a feature that you need for your data collection, but is not present in what exists now, you are welcome to make enhancements and improvements.

The source code is here:

There you will also find a quick-starter for contributors:

See also here:

Best, Sergiy

Thank you so much!
We’ll get to work!