Calculating own Cumulative Interview Chart

Is it possible to calculate your own cumulative interview chart with the statistics in the Quantity report section?

No doubt it’ll be a facepalm moment when I’m told, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it with the 4 state change statistics available.
I cannot work out how to calculate the number interviews in Completed State, Rejected by Sup/HQ State and Approved by Sup/HQ state from the month by month or week by week breakdowns.

I feel like I might be able to do it if there was also a ‘Total Interviews’ statistic to use as a reference point but even then it doesn’t seem simple.

If there is not, would it be possible to have another report section where it is possible to create our own cumulative interview graph?

What you can do is to iterate over all the interview status changes using API. Endpoint /api/v1/interviews/{id}/history can be used for it. What are looking there are the records about following actions:

  • Completed (code 5)
  • Approve by Supervisor (code 7)
  • Approve by Headquarter (code 8)
  • Rejected by Supervisor (code 9)
  • Rejected by Headquarter (code 10)

API returns actions with timestamps that can be used to calculate additional reports you might need.

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2macuata: no, not possible. But you can rebuild the cumulative interview chart from the interview__actions file that comes with every data download.

Best, Sergiy

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Thank you both for the information, that’ll be a bit of coding to make the cumulative part work from of the data but not too difficult if I spend some time on it, and I can get a lot of other interesting info out of it.

The advantage of the quantity section is that it does multiple surveys at the one time

Is there any plan on being able to export the data from the cumulative graph in xslx/csv/tab format?