Calculated variable : error on Interviewer application

Hello everybody,
In a fishing questionnaire, interviewers have to choose a frequency (in % or with categorics assignated to values, named “percent_zone”) of a geographical area (roster named “engin_zone”) drawn by them, for each fishing tool (roster named “engin”).
So to have coherent numbers, i have a calculated variable (named “percent_zone_sum”) which make the sum of these answers




And a validation condition for this question :

With this message when the total is not equal to 100 %

The sum is not equal to100 % but %percent_zone_sum% %

This perfectly works on designer, but on the Interviwer App, the variable seems not work, with ‘[…] %’ instead of the number calculated, and the validation is never completed.

Dear @JonasBrouillon ,
Is the issue is still reproduced? I have tried to follow your description and the IN app works in the way as on Headquarters. The “percent_zone_sum” variable is calculated correctly.

Hi @vfedoseev ,
I finally found that this bug was already reported so I think it was fixed in the version 23.06, we’re still using the 23.04 so we have to update, I will see if this issue is fixed.

Perhaps you meant “in web tester” - which is what you see when you click the TEST button in the Designer. And if you see a difference in behavior/logic evaluation between your server’s version and the web tester, then it is very likely you need to update.

Best, Sergiy