Calculate age in months

Please I have a date field that picks date of birth, I want to calculate age in months in another field based on the date of birth. How do I go about it?

Dear Razak,
You can calculate the age in month by using the functions CenturyMonthCode() or FullYearsSince()
Suppose that “birthdate” is the variable of date of birth and “interviewdate” is the variable of the Interview date. The age variable to calculate in month is a Survey Solutions variable and is calculated below:

  1. agemonth == CenturyMonthCode(interviewdate.Value.Month , interviewdate.Value.Year) - CenturyMonthCode(birthdate.Value.Month , birthdate.Value.Year)
  2. agemonth == interviewdate.FullYearsSince(birthdate)*12

As you can see CenturyMonthCode() function is more precise than FullYearsSince()