Bypassing Supervisor

Hi Survey Solutions Team
I would like to know if Headquarter assigns an assignment to an interviewer, the interviewer completes and synchronize it…will it synchronize to the Headquarter directly or there needs to create at least one Supervisor account so that the SS protocol will be followed?


Each interviewer must be part of some supervisor’s team. But an HQ user can make assignments directly to an interviewer bypassing the supervisor, and can also approve interviews without waiting for the supervisor’s decision.

So, although you have to have a supervisor account created on the server, you don’t have to man that account.

This allows creating a flat hierarchy with just one level of supervision (this doesn’t mean that it is recommended) if so desirable.

Note that the HQ can’t answer supervisor questions. So if there are any in your instrument, you must supply the supervisors.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin


This works fairly seamlessly - the only scenario I’ve found to watch out for is if you find a case where you had an interview in ‘Approved by Headquarters’ state and retrospectively reject it, this interview will move to ‘Rejected by Headquarters’ and you will have to either manually assign it to the interviewer or log in to the supervisor account and reject it from the supervisor’s account as well.
The interviewer won’t receive it otherwise.

True, if something is Approved by Headquarters, in order to return it to the interviewer the HQ should do the following:

  1. Unapprove (now it is in the status Approved by Supervisor, still in the hands of HQ)
  2. Reject (now it is in the status Rejected by Headquarter and in the hands of the supervisor)
  3. Assign to a particular interviewer (interviewer should receive it among the rejections after the next sync).

Alternatively one can work as a supervisor all the time, only logging in as the HQ to create new assignments or export the data. In this case the final approval is the status Approved by supervisor.

Best, Sergiy

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