Bulk SMS software (Frontline SMS)

Dear SUSO Team
We are prepearing our agriculture census in Uruguay using SUSO for designing our interviews.
I read a document called CAPI COLLECTIONS IN THE PACIFIC – USING SURVEY SOLUTIONS written by Toga Raikoti & Phil Bright* in february 2020 . They say something that will be really usefull for our communication during the field work

1)Bulk SMS software (Frontline SMS)*

  1. This is another technology which could be organized with the service providers to allow for easy and quick communications between everyone involved in the Census operations – Office, HQs, Supervisors and Interviewers.

  2. It allows for the sending of text messages to everyone at the same time if any information is to be conveyed to those in the field. Information on changes in processes, logistic and administrative arrangements, application updates, tablet issues and so forth could easily reach everyone and ensure everyone is aware of what is happening.

  3. CUG – Closed User Group allows for everyone involved in the Census to make free calls among each other. This enables sharing of information and addressing issues faced in the field. If this is used then Frontline SMS can be essentially used for free if one of the sim cards in the CUG is used.

Is this something that SUSO has? or is something that could be provided by SUSO? or is something we should ask our local commnication providers?

Thanks in advance!

I believe @togar and @philb refer to the following service:

That page explains what it is and how to use it.

Ok, thanks!! As I saw its a paid apart service

Dear daianam1972

Yes, it is a paid service which you can use with your local phone service providers.

In the Pacific, one country purchased their tablets from one of their phone companies, upon which the CUG and Bulk SMS service was provided free as part of the deal. Another country purchased SIM cards in bulk from the company which the CUG was also part of the deal.


Thanks Toga, for your reply! good to know, perhaps we can deal something similar with our local company