Bulk email services: I never receive an email

User Grattan Welch has sent us the following question:

I can successfully test the bulk email services using my email [work email redacted] and SES. However, I never receive an email in my inbox. I do receive a message when I send to my Gmail address.

As the support page suggests:

Be forewarned that the emails delivered through the bulk senders may have non-trivial chances of being classified as spam by various email services used by the recipients (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc).

Since the gmail account receives the messages, the Survey Solutions server-side is configured correctly. The user should contact the administrator responsible for the work/office email and inquire how to access received spam mail.

I have an updated request. When I send a test email under the Email providers page, I get it regardless of where it is sent. However, when I create actual assignments, they are not received. Can you please shed some light on this issue?

The actual sending of the email message is done by the specified bulk-email service provider.

  • For Amazon SES the support is here.
  • For SendGrid the support is here.

Please contact the appropriate provider, as the members of this forum don’t have any knowledge about the details of your contract with them.