Bug in 18.11 ? unzipping of exports in Stata no longer possible

When unzipping both, the Stata exports and the paradata exports in Stata we are getting error messages now. This was introduced with version 18.11.

We tested it across different questionnaires and versions. It does not seem to be related to the content of the zip files. It always gives an error for one of the files in the zip-file. Maybe something to do with the general characteristics of the zip files?

We also tested a range of other things, including unzipping in Windows 10, 7zip, and R. Unzipping worked in all cases, but in R it also showed a error message at some point (I don’t know more details).

We have fixed the problem by unzipping in R for now, but in the long run it would make sense for reestablish Stata compatibility, so that data users can unzip in their do-files. It might be a problem with Stata’s zipfile command. zip


  1. your description says that the zip archive produced with Survey Solutions can be opened in a number of different other programs, but Stata can’t do it. To me this kind of points to Stata as the culprit. Please check with their tech support.

  2. I am not sure if Stata 32-bit can handle extremely large zip archives (>2gb). If the size is near that, try with Stata 64-bit.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy

Yes, I agree, it might very well be that it is Stata’s fault. Just wanted to point it out, because it was working fine until the last version (also for large files), so it might indicate that something with the encryption/compression of the zip files has gone wrong in the update.

We can check with Stata.

Please do, if Stata tech support indicates Stata has any limitations in processing standard zip files, and provides details about what those limitations are, we can work around them and produce compatible zip files. But we need to know those limits first. Thank you, Sergiy

Andreas, by now I have reproduced the problem with Stata and confirm that it stumbles on a totally valid zip file. The archives produced by Survey Solutions are valid and can be unpacked with a number of alternatives, including free and commercial packages. Best, Sergiy


Confirmed it was a Stata issue.
Update to Stata 15.1 version after 06nov2017.

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Awesome, thanks for the fast confirmation and solution!