Bug - Enabling conditions don't work in nested rosters

Enabling conditions don’t seem to work in a roster that lies inside another roster.

For example, see “Household_listing_Example” in “PUBLIC QUESTIONNAIRES”. All questions after the question “Is this a residential building?”, are automatically skipped, even if one answer “yes” to it (the enabling condition for questions after this is res_building=yes).

I checked in my own questionnaire. Enabling conditions work in the first roster level, but stop working as soon as they are applied within the second roster level.

Is this a bug? Or am I not seeing something?

Dear Sarthak,

please check for updates. If your version of the Tester App is smaller than 5.25.40 (build 1872) you should be able to get an update from the Google Play (Market).

Best, Sergiy

That did it. Thank you very much for your very prompt response - I really appreciate it!