Blank reference price in PUBLIC EXAMPLE Price Survey

I have a survey based heavily on the PUBLIC EXAMPLE Price Survey. Sometimes, the hidden variable refprice is not preloaded with data. I find that the interviewers are able to complete the questionnaires and everything is “green”. However, when reviewing the interview, it is “blue”. What are your recommendations to deal with this?


  1. confirm that the problem is indeed because of the hidden questions. Hidden questions are not supposed to be counted in the counts of not answered questions.

  2. if this is a bug and indeed they are counted you can preload the hidden variable refprice with a special value and then except it in your check. Then all questions will have answers and there should be no blue sections when all accessible questions are answered.

Best, Sergiy

The issue only happens when the reference price is blank, and consistently so, even when a price is collected.