Blank Page in Interviewer App Section

Hi all,

For our ongoing survey, the list of replacements in the sample frame had to be extended. However, after uploading the new questionnaire on the server, the Interviewer App displays the first Section as a blank page and the started interview crashes subsequently. This happens even though the questionnaire works perfectly fine in the Designer’s Tester Mode and in the previous version on the Interviewer App.

This first section comprises a number of single-select questions of which several are linked to uploaded lists with information on the sample. It seems that the problem is caused by a particular question QA3 (single-select, combo-box, with an uploaded list) with a filter: “@optioncode.InList(QA2,9999)” where QA2 is the previous variable, 9999 is a value of QA3 labeled “Not True”. This gives the opportunity to either select the value that is auto-selected based on the sample frame (QA2 specifies the observation) or select “Not True”. This worked fine for now, but since adding further observations to the sample frame and updating all lists, the problem mentioned above occurs in the Interviewer App (not in the Designer Test Mode!). Is there anyone with any leads or ideas on this issue?


If you are designing something like “Enter household sample number” - “Here is the information about your household” then it’s probably the best time to stop now, and review the videos on assignments, because you are turning Survey Solutions upside down.

That said, there should be no crash even in such a weird design. Since you’ve mentioned that the only change was increasing the amount of reference information, it looks like a purely memory-management issue

This doesn’t make sense to me: what is the point of asking a question with only one possible answer? Skip that question!

That’s the whole point. the questionnaire should be independent from the sample!